Sunday, May 07, 2006

Conan O Brien in Chicago

So it is that time again, when college is ending and road trips can begin again! The first one may be in Chicago to see Conan O'Brien! Hopefully we get tickets. But just be prepared for some more posts to happen now that the team will be reunited!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Fat People Are Hard To Kidnap

I was recently listening to some music. I have listen to music before and I liked it very much. Music is an artform I find very expressive and soothing. Anyway, I was listening to the glorious sound vibrations coordinated in such a way to bring a magic into the air, I heard a great tidbit of advice I just had to pass on. The song states "Fat people are hard to kidnap." Now, I have contemplated many kidnappings, as well as attempted to execute a few kidnapping plots, that I masterminded. So far, my superior masterminding abilities have not given way to a successful kidnapping, but with this new and key information my body snatching, abducting spirit has returned eighty-seven fold. I also realize now is the time to begin to protect myself from other people's kidnapping plots and attacks. You thought you could outmaneuver my exceedingly, exceptional intellect. You will not take me at all or at least not alive or conscious or whatever. In light of my new realization and partially do to a slight case of schizophrenia and possibly a few mommy issues, I must become "Fat people" because they "are hard to kidnap." I now begin my quest. The additional layer of fat will insulate me for the Minnesota winter as well. That is totally a BONUS BABY!!! So in conclusion I leave you with some of the most ingenious, insightful, inspireing and for me libidinous lyrics ever put to a structured combination of harmonious sounds..."Fat people are hard to kidnap!"

Monday, October 24, 2005

Word Play

Someone has too much time on their hands or is deadly at scrabble.

when you rearrange the letters:
~dirty room~

when you rearrange the letters:
~moon starer~

when you rearrange the letters:
~a rope ends it~

The Eyes
when you rearrange the letters:
~they see~

George Bush
when you rearrange the letters:
~he bugs gore~

The Morse Code
when you rearrange the letters:
~here comes dots~

Slot Machines
when you rearrange the letters:
~cash lost in me~

when you rearrange the letters:
~is no amity~

Election Results
when you rearrange the letters:
~lies-let's recount~

Mother In Law
when you rearrange the letters:
~woman hitler~

Snooze Alarms
when you rearrange the letters:
~alas! no more z's~

A Decimal Point
when you rearrange the letters:
~im a dot in place~

President Clinton of the USA
when you rearrange the letters:
~to copulate he finds interns~

so back to studying, but that is something to keep you busy, and by busy I mean off task and unproductive.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Boobies boobies everywhere!

Boobies, Boobies Everywhere!!!
Boobies, Boobies Come in Pairs!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sharks At Play

Early in the morning.... the sharks are frolicing
and then the fox camera crew shows up for
a new series.....

When Vegetarians Attack

Lightly Breaded Coconut Shrimp with a side of butter(aka Jays little sister, Al) is a devoted vegetarian. She has started a holy jihad against all carnivores, starting with those closest to the top of the food chain, the inflatable plastic shark that Jay breathed life into earlier that day.

Ride 'em Vegan

The usually mild mannered vegetarian is seen here continuing her jihad against the inflatable plastic sharks.

Love Handles

The Handles are for your saftey
Please hold onto them throughout the ride

What A Beached!!!

Because of the vegan's attacks, the killer whale of the group became depressed, she was also dealing with weight issues, as well as an alcoholic mother, and a father who was never there, she tried to commit suicide by beaching herself

A Shark's Tale -------OF REVENGE-------

Meanwhile, the inflatable plastic sharks began a counter attack on the vegitarian's rottweiler, who is, as you can tell from the picture, TERRIFIED!!!!!! Stay tuned for the dramatic conclusion! What will happen, will there be peace between carnivores and vegitarians? Or will the sharks overthrow the human world, ending civilization as we know it? Will man and beast form a bond and create a cult to honor their new found supreme ruler, who is a cross between a lamb, a werewolf, and Michael Jackson, that after his awkward adolescent years he went on to Oak Hills Christian College, which is where he learned his cult like practices and cat-like reflexes (meow) , which he then used as well as sterling intellect on his mystical, spiritual, and over all really cool retreat, it was never known at exactly what happened during the duration (its so gay, i love it) of his spirtual journey, but it may have involved young boys, and eventually led to his epiphany that sharks, humans, and everything in between, excluding Jay's college roomate that came from generation after generation of inbreeding, should have world wide orgies!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Hells yeah, we are visiting the SPAM MUSEUM!

We finally made it to Austin, MN cause we had to see the SPAM museum for ourselves....Although neither of us had actually eaten spam really didn't matter. It must be great if it has its own museum right? We weren't sure were to park. But luckily for us the marked the parking spots with the word SPAM....Just in case we were confused.

Spam in theater?

A play about spam, great. We don't really remember what it was about. But I'm sure it had something to do with SPAM.

Come on ride the train....

The spam train

The Spam Exam

At the end of the SPAM museum we found the spam exam! This was a chance for us to show off just how much, or little, we knew about spam. Fortunately for Jay I know very little about Spam, and she was crowned the spam champion.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Spelling Lesson of the Day

Jay learned that if you look at the word Library, and take off the Li and the ry, that it spells BRA!!!